Lifting tool in hand, a tray, a pre-cut drawing, imagination, creativity and large small doses of coloured sand: all the ingredients of fun are in Sabbiarelli, the toy designed by Ferrari Granulati, a Verona-based company that has been processing the most prestigious of Italian marble for over 25 years.

Born from a pure and simple element of white sand, transformed for the occasion with environmentally friendly colours, the rainbow of colours allow children to unleash their creativity with original drawings and incredibly brilliant effects.

Sabbiarelli is a simple toy, perfect for children between 3 to 12 years of agecreative because it does not limit imagination, and features the possibility to find infinite combinations of colours or hues to create art that is unique and original.

Sabbiarelli is an educational toy where the direct contact with the sand provides an educational aspect in regards to materials.
The working of sand while colouring the drawings does not only feel particularly pleasant for children, but allows them to act directly on the final object of their work, without tools, and this makes the experience of Sabbiarelli unique.

Sabbiarelli isfungame because it is perfect for individual or group educational play, ideal for birthday parties, school, or afternoons with friends.

Sabbiarelli isclean and safe toy: there is no need for scissors or glue. It is used without water, it is non-toxic and does not stain.

The product is 100% Italian, and it was entirely designed by Ferrari Granulati in full respect of the European standards on toy safety.


Confezione Sabbiarelli Home Kit

How a drawing is born

Look at how easy and fun it is!